SPRUNG Youth Dance

SPRUNG Youth Dance is a contemporary dance program providing opportunities for young Alice Springs dancers to explore, develop, create and communicate through self-devised dance experiences.

The SPRUNG Youth Dance project began in 2012 as an initiative of Incite Arts, Dusty Feet Dance Collective and Alice Springs based Artistic Director, Miriam Nicholls. This young group of local dancers forms part of a national network of youth dance companies and is made up of an ensemble of dancers aged 13-26 years old.

SPRUNG is based on the belief that young people are artists in their own right, with the potential to express and communicate complex ideas and issues through the body in the form of dance. The aim of the group is to extend beyond dance training, into the development of creative and collaborative work.

SPRUNG is dedicated to developing thoughtful and challenging youth dance work relevant to the community of Alice Springs that can inspire and inform audiences and provide young people with meaningful arts experiences.

art forms: Dancer, Troupe