2017 Stage, Lighting and Sound Round Table

The 2017 Alice Springs Arts events and festivals season is just beginning. This year will see it grow again with more events and more pressure for it to be better, attract tourists and cement the region’s national standing as an Arts events destination.

2016 feedback from the presenters and producers of events was clear. In the high seasons of Autumn and Spring they want access to more crew, local crew, not fly in /fly out crew.

Cy Starkman, member of the staging and lighting team of Alice Springs for 10 years, and now General Manager at Red Hot Arts humbly asks for a group discussion with the local staging, lighting, site and sound production businesses, teams and individuals in early April.

The aim of this round table is 3 things

  • Listen to what your challenges are in crewing events
  • Share our thoughts on an initial 2 year plan for local crew and growing your businesses
  • Contract key crew and start preparing for Desert Festival 2017 and 2018 18th Aug – Early Sept

Please share this out to your networks. We work together behind the scenes at events, let’s work together to grow the technical sector, it is the foundation of Central Australia as an Arts events destination.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
11am – 12:30pm
67 Bath St
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