A winter Solstice Musical Sharing with Alice Springs Choral Society

The Alice Springs Choral Society invites you to a Winter Solstice Musical Sharing on Thursday evening June 21 at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.

The Winter Solstice traditionally represents a time of withdrawal or hibernation in preparation for renewal or reawakening of activity. Symbolically it relates to seeds buried within the Earth, germinating and beginning to stir, but their re-emergence into new life is not yet apparent. The ancient Celts celebrated the birth of the Sun Child – after the longest night of the year, the Sun rises again and light triumphs over darkness.

The Choral Society will present a selection of music that symbolises the journey from darkness into light, moving through ‘winter’ phase of quiet reflection and re-emerging into a phase of joyful renewal. The final phase will incorporate Gounod’s beautiful ‘Misse Breve’, presenting a glorious celebration of Life in its fullness.

Beautiful sounds will begin filling the Olive Pink gallery at 7pm. Hot soup will be available during a short interval, to warm bodies and hearts.

Enquiries: Robyn 8953 5538.

Thursday 21 June 2012
Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Tuncks Road, Alice Springs
Tickets are available at the door – Adults $15, concession $10, children under 16 years free.