Al Strangeways: community – The People of the School

The paintings in this exhibition come from a meditation on and observation of what constitutes the community of a school, and the effect of this sense of community on school life. Strangeways is an artist and Education Lecturer with Charles Darwin University and has been working with the people of Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) Community Education Centre since 2010. During this time the richness, complexity and diversity of the school community has been revealed. Al’s paintings are a proposition, that the school is the people and their relationships with each other.

Moving beyond simple portraiture, Strangeways seeks out what the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins referred to as an “inscape”, the web of unique characteristics that constitute the essential inner nature of the individual. Her mark-making embeds words and phrases from the people of the school into these painted surfaces, adding their voices, memories, experiences and hopes, a further glimpse of their inscape, to the visual image.

Al Strangeways, Canicia's Picture, 2014, oil on canvas
2 April10 May 2015
6pm – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs