Artist and Expedition talk – Paintings from the Gibson Desert

Join artist Alan Phillips to hear the story behind his exhibition “Paintings from the Gibson Desert – a journey of discovery”, showing at Olive Pink Botanic Garden from 1-15 September 2017.

This exhibition celebrates a journey taken in August 2016 into the Gibson Desert and along the Rawlinson Range and includes an opportunity to meet the artist and other members of this expedition on Sunday 3 September 2017.

Two talks will be held –

The first talk, at 1000 on 3 September, by Alan Phillips, will reveal his inspiration for this exhibition and the traditions which have influenced his work from the Australian deserts.

And following this at 1100, biologist Dr Ken Johnson and botanist Peter Latz, will present a talk on the 2016 expedition, called “The Rawlinsons – a story through time”. Ken and Peter will talk about journeys and discoveries through time in this remote area, including the journeys of the early explorer Ernest Giles and the mammalogist HH Finlayson.

South of Walter James Range, ©Alan Phillips
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Sunday 3 September 2017
10am – 12pm
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
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