Arts Law Seminar

A seminar to help you understand your rights as an artist.

Arts Law will be hosting a general artist’s rights seminar in Alice Springs.
These seminars will deal with the issues such as copyright, moral rights, licensing and contracts, putting work online, the new PPSA legislation, prizes and competitions!

Presented by Delwyn J Everard, Deputy Director, Arts Law Centre of Australia

Key questions covered:
What is copyright and how do I make it work for me?
Am I entitled to be acknowledged as a creator? When can someone change my work without permission?
What’s the difference between a copyright licence and an assignment? Why should I care about the fine print?
Are there rules on the internet? What are the dangers and how do I assess them against the benefits of a worldwide audience for my work?
What is the Personal Property Security Act?
Why should I register?
What does the fine print inĀ  the terms of a competition really mean?

Seminar will cover:
Copyright, Moral Rights, Contracts, Working in the digital environment

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Friday 17 May 2013
9:30am – 12pm
The Old Courthouse, 27 Heartly St Alice Springs