Arts Network of Central Australia

Red Hot Arts Central Australia (RHACA) is a not-for-profit association that at its core aims to enrich the lives of Central Australia and its visitors. We have created an extension of our existing website called ‘The Arts Network of Central Australia’ that is a gateway for venues to promote their spaces and artists and arts workers to promote their work and skills online.

This space will predominately be used as a social network, a digital arts archive and a dynamic database for all of Central Australia.

How it works:
The Art Network of Central Australia will be a self-administer platform.
This means that all Artists and Arts workers will need to create and update their profile similar to any other independent social media profile. You will have control of administering and updating personal details, disciplines of art, social media links and YouTube/ video URL’s.
Space and venue holders will have the same about of control and can create a personalised profile, including contact details, dimensions and description of the space.
By being a self- administer platform, all the information will be constantly updated by artists and venue/ space managers should any changes or limitations arise

The best parts about this exciting new project are all the benefits that come with using our platform to showcase what you have to offer. These include:
• Artists and Art Workers visibility and promotion locally and across Australia
• Increase employment opportunities for Central Australian Artists and Art Workers
• Increase win- win partnership
• Increase collaborative projects
• Your profile will be connected to our original Red Hot Arts platform that has more than 37,000 page views a year.
• Great exposure for you and your work
• Fostering revitalization of venues and spaces
• Increased exposure and promotion of your business/venue locally and across Australia

This program is proudly supported by the Department of Business NT, Community Benefit Fund.

Click on the Arts Network tab on our website to start creating your profile!

12 November31 December 2016