‘As the Crow Flies’ an Exhibition Curated by Philomena Hali

‘In a straight line, by the shortest route, as in It’s only a mile as the crow flies, but about three miles by this mountain road.
This idiom is based on the fact that crows, very intelligent birds, fly straight to the nearest food supply’. [Late1700s] This is a metaphor for the Shibori works arriving from near and far for the objective of this exhibition.

Exhibition statement:

The World Shibori Network Australia and New Zealand (WSN A/NZ) was formed in 2004 by Yoshiko I Wada, President of the World Shibori Network WSN). The goal given to the network was to empower and support shibori artists in Australia and New Zealand and to evaluate, promote & educate the public in the art of Shibori. WSN strive to showcase, contemporary Shibori practices from Australia & New Zealand.
Joan James was Secretary General until 2014 – ( Since 2015 the position is held by Philomena Hali).

As a group, WSN A/NZ have exhibited in:-
⦁ Paris 2008, “Australia Naturally” International Shibori Symposium (ISS08)
⦁ Sydney Barometer Gallery “Scarf” exhibition opened by Yoshiko I. Wada – toured
⦁ Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2011 International Shibori Symposium – works were all gifted to the university. (Some works were chosen for display in the Zumiao Museum in China)
WSN membership is open to all Shibori / Resist dyers – an annual membership is required to enter exhibitions. For more information contact Philomena Hali – E: [email protected].

Exhibition opening on the 23rd of June at 5pm and runs until the 17th of July.

Grampians Texture
23 June17 July 2016
5pm – 7pm
Central Craft
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