Blasting Through Writers Block, with Kate Forsyth

Professional writers have all sorts of tricks and techniques to make sure writer’s block does not become writer’s paralysis. In a fast-paced, intense workshop, learn how to overcome the fear of the blank page and get the creative juices flowing, how to blast through the fears and doubts holding you back, and how to keep your well of creativity overflowing so that you are always brimming over with ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

Participants should bring a pen and lots of paper!

All writers get blocked sometimes. Yet it is those writers who learn how to blast through their blockage and keep on writing that manage to produce work, year after year, and so build themselves a career as a writer. Most aspiring writers dream of being able to make a living from their writing, yet writer’s block makes the process slow and arduous, as well as very time-consuming.

Tuesday 21 October 2014
6pm – 9pm
Red Hot Arts
$50 / $40 members
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