Book launch: The Silver Bracelet by Maya Cifali

Book launch by Kieran Finnane of Maya Cifali’s “The Silver Bracelet: an Egyptian Girlhood” a memoir of 20 odd years in Alexandria during the 1940’s and 50’s.

“Shimmering heat on undulating sand dunes, swaying palms, the tang of eucalyptus in the air – these things meant home for Maya growing up in Egypt. When the Suez crisis forced foreigners, including Maya’s family, out of Egypt in 1956, she had to admit she had only ever been a guest there. But it was not easy to let Egypt go. She had been born in the legendary city of Alexandria, with its intoxicating mix of cultures, colours and flavours, and Egypt was in her blood.

It was not until Maya, by then in her fifties, came to Alice Springs that she recovered a sense of home. The Mecca Date Farm reminded her of the palm groves in Alexandria; the red river gums in the dry Todd River brought back memories of reaching out for eucalyptus leaves from her balcony as a little girl. She rediscovered a desert world that she thought had been lost forever.

Meeting Aboriginal people in Alice Springs helped Maya to understand her roots – “my mother’s country is… , my father’s country is… , my country of birth is….”

But this is more than a family memoir and deserves to reach a wider audience, says British journalist Helen Womack, former foreign correspondent for the SMH and the Moscow Times. .

Book cover designed by local artist, Pip McManus
Saturday 6 May 2017
4pm – 6pm
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
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