Border v2.0

A photography and video exhibition by Indonesian artist Akiq AW, providing a thought-provoking investigation into the everyday borders between private and public, rural and urban, us and them, necessary and disposable, lawful and criminal. The contrasting cities of Alice Springs, Australia and Akiq’s hometown of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, are considered by Akiq and his artistic collaborators, Yudha Kusama, Andri William and Aim Adinegara.
Akiq AW was the Indonesian recipient of an Asialink Art Residency in Alice Springs. In early 2014 he produced work exploring this temporary home and its people, its social codes and conventions, through the façade and appearance of the city. He photographed simple and insignificant objects that spoke of life in a modern western city and the remote location of Alice Springs.
For the Chan Contemporary Art Space he extends this survey of the everyday to his home, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and includes video documentation of the workshops he has held with young people asking them about their life, their identities, and about being Indigenous.

Akiq AW, Parking Lot, Digital Image, 2014
Tuesday to Sunday
23 October16 November 2014
Chan Contemporary Art Space