Boring? Business Structures and Tax, think again

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Offered by Business Enterprise Centre and the NT Government

Red Hot Arts recommends this as a capacity building opportunity to all arts workers, producers and crew

Other people use their tax refund to go on holidays, small business owners who do it right pay very little and with the right business structure you can not only pay tax but manage your own superannuation so maybe you can actually retire at the end of too many 3am mornings bumping in the next show, or playing the next song.

Paying tax means you are making money, more tax, means more money in your pocket. Get creative and love thy taxes.

This module is aimed at assisting people in starting their own business to understand the different forms of business structures, to determine the most appropriate structure for their business and to be aware of taxation issues. Note, taxation is very much a moveable feast at the moment and if specific information is required on any aspect of the new taxation laws a course for that specific issue should be chosen.

Tuesday 23 May 2017
9am – 12pm
Central Australia Development Office (CADO), 55 Todd Mall