Contact Improvisation workshop

Hi dancers and movers,
DustyFeet Collective is happy to host Contact Improvisation for another few weeks while Caterina is in town.
It’s an open level class where the only requisite is curiosity!

Contact Improvisation is a dance form based on the idea that if you can walk, you can dance!! Points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through improvised movement. We will look at some of the foundations of CI such as the rolling point of contact and get a taste of how two moving bodies engage with each other.

OLSH Sadadeen

About the teacher: Caterina Mocciola is a Sydney-based independent dancer and choreographer whose practice is based on Contact Improvisation. Her passion for this dance form has seen her teaching and performing it extensively both nationally and internationally. She is the founder of the Sunday Community Jam in Sydney and of the dancer collective Momentum In Sydney.

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25 September16 October 2014
6:15pm – 8:15pm
OLSH Sadadeen