Contact Improvisation workshop

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In Contact Improvisation we fall alone and together. By blending the weight of two bodies through a shifting point of physical contact, a shared center of gravity is established. Around this center partners ride weight along common paths of momentum. Releasing, folding and activating weight flow through the joints, opens and softens participants to each other and the floor. In this softened and receptive state we are able to adapt quickly and quietly to the most charged of falling encounters.

About the teacher: Caterina Mocciola is a Sydney-based independent dancer and choreographer whose practice is based on Contact Improvisation. Her passion for this dance form has seen her teaching and performing it extensively both nationally and internationally. She is the founder of the Sunday Community Jam in Sydney and of the dance collective Momentum In Sydney.

1630 October 2014
6:15pm – 8:15pm
OLSH Sadadeen