Continuum Movement – Deep Roots Movement: with Amber Gray

18-20 October 2013

Fri 18th – 6.30-9.30pm, Sat 19th – 1-6.30pm, Sun 20th – 1-6.30pm

This workshop is an introduction to Continuum Movement, and to the multiple ways in which our body can serve as a primary resource in our own well-being, self care, pleasure and healing. It is for those interested in Continuum Movement, and/or curious about movement and the body. This workshop is also intended to assist caregivers and practitioners, healers and movement artists, parents and managers, who serve those in need of healing, take care of or organize people, to become aware of the wellsprings of creativity, flexibility and joy that exists in our bodies.

Continuum is a movement practice pioneered by Emilie Conrad that increases mobile flexibility, motility, well-being, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality on many levels. Unlike movement practices that rely on fixed patterns or postures, Continuum movement enables us to access our capacity for fluid, free, non-constrained movement, which enhances a sense of youthfulness, aliveness and well being. By teaching us to reduce physical limitations through the innovation of movement, we can counter the “densifying” process of aging and stress, and increase our perceptual and mental awareness. Continuum is particularly beneficial to restore movement and resilience after injury, illness and chronic stress.

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LOCATION: Duprada Dance Studio, Diarama Village
Cost: $300 early bird (before 31 July 2013), $350 full
Option – Friday night only: $50

Mei Lai Swan – [email protected] – 0439 631 338

Instructor: Amber Gray (US) –

Amber Gray is both a long time practitioner of body centered arts and sciences (somatic psychology, massage therapy, Life Impressions Body-work dance movement therapy, energy medicine, cranio-sacral therapy, yoga, and shiatsu), and an advocate of human rights. She is an authorized Continuum teacher, and a licensed mental health professional. She has worked internationally and nationally as an activist, an artist, a mental health professional, a program director and a trainer/consultant on behalf of victims of human rights abuses for over ten years.

Fri 6.30-9.30pm; Sat & Sun 1-6.30pm
1820 October 2013
1pm – 6:30pm
Duprada Dance Studio
$50 Friday night only, $350 full weekend