Curtin Springs Paper Workshop

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Curtin Springs Paper invites the desert to offer up its hardy ingredients to combine and make something beautiful. Nature is literally transformed in this remote and special part of Central Australia, where native grasses are harvested, pulped and pressed to create a distinctive and beautiful souvenir of Central Australia.

Our Curtin Springs Paper Workshops give you the opportunity to be involved in the paper making at every stage; Cutting grass, preparing pulp, all aspects of making paper, and then use your paper to express your own art or to explore YOUR interpretation of our amazing landscape.

Curtin Springs is located 100km east of Ayers Rock (Uluru) and 360km from Alice Springs.

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Curtin Springs
There is also workshops from 17/7/17 to 20/11/17 and 27/2/18 to 2/3/18
14 September 2017
Curtin Springs