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Festival Dates - August 30th to October 13th 2018

Since 2001 the Desert Festival has been working to develop the Spring shoulder season as a nationally recognised destination for arts and cultural events. This has been achieved through promotion, incubation of leading events and development of sector capacity.

From 2018 The Festival is working with existing venues to fill out Alice Springs as a festive experience for tourists and locals. This will present as a season of content and give your show the space to attract its own audience.

Support? Desert Festival provides on-going developmental support for local shows and artists through our wide range of member services. We also provide venue, production, promotion and ticketing support for all shows.

Making Money? Except for NT based artists, we cannot book shows. For our public free shows and some childrens' activities (vs shows) we book NT artists. Unless your performance is a developmental showing and free, then your show is ticketed. Ticket money is passed directly to you, less card fees and maybe a small admin fees depending on your show.

For more information on if your show can make money in Alice Springs. Please download this PDF with examples for intra and interstate artists. We are working hard to provide more income opportunities, so stay tuned. * indicates required fields

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  • Show Details

  • We will use this to categorise your show in the Festival calendar, for people to search on site and when grouping shows for posters and promotions.
  • This is the description audiences will see when considering your show.
  • This will be used by the programming sub-committee to help them understand your show.
  • Please indicate how many artists are in your show and who they are.
    This helps us plan venues and give advice to the viability of shows.
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  • Production Requirements

    Our production manager has over 20 years experience in theatre and events.

    If you are based in Central Australia, come down to 67 Bath St, become a member of Red Hot Arts and book time with him to help improve the production of your shows.

    If you are elsewhere, a great show is the result of planning between the artists and the production team. Help us help you.

  • We plan sound setups based on the venue limitations and then your requirements. This is unique per show. Help our production team not have any nasty surprises when you show up.

    List the instruments you bring. If you need us to provide any, we can source for you and discuss any costs.

    List DI's or microphones required, including vocal microphones. If any microphones are specialised, note that.

    Some shows have expectations (like electronic music) can expect a range of HZ in the speakers. Note that.

    Finally, let us know your monitoring requirements. Hint: In ear is so much simpler don't you think.

  • The venues we work with have different stage sizes, seating plans and green rooms.

    You might need a well serviced make up and costume space, or perhaps your act needs a certain amount of head room or stage space for your performance.

  • Our venues have set lighting plans and a single lighting operator as standard. Even with that great things can be done if you work with our production team, develop cue sheets and give them a chance to rehearse and know your show.

    If your show needs a special, like a fixed spot or an effect, help us plan ahead.

  • Projectors, screen, cabling, suitable mounting and skilled operators are a rarified resource in Central Australia. We have them but it is something we have to seriously plan for.

    and if you use visuals then you know that there is nothing worse than trying to figure out projectors on the day.

  • Support Material

  • Include brief biographies of all key artists involved. The programming subcommittee will use this when assessing events.
  • Please provide links to previous works, reviews, photographs or any other relevant support material
    We will let you know by the start of June at the latest if you are successful.

    The review process is developmental and you will be provided feedback on your show's viability, potential for ticketing.

    If you are selected, our Arts Development Officer will talk with you about shows, ticketing and venues, and our Production Manager will talk with you about the technical delivery of your show.

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Eastern Reggae (Photo by Pippa Samaya)
13 March13 May 2018
67 Bath St
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