Desert Lake

Desert Lake is an exhibition centred around the remarkable desert wetland of Paruku, located in the southeast Kimberley and known to non-Indigenous Australians as Lake Gregory. The exhibition comprises work by both non-Indigenous (Kartiya) artists and the Indigenous Walmajarri custodians of the Lake country, and explores the aesthetic, scientific and traditional values of Paruku.

Walmajarri and Kartiya artists involved include: Faye Alexander, Megan Doreen Boxer, Jamie Brown, Shirley Brown, Evelyn Clancy, Patrick Kopp, Daisy Kungah, Tara Leckey, David Leece, Jacinta Lulu, Karen Lulu, Veronica Lulu, Kim Mahood, Mandy Martin, Magda Matthews, Anne Ovi, Hanson Pye, David Taylor, Chamia Samuels, Launa Yoomarie, Shirley Yoomarie.

Image: Welcome to country. The mob returning, have been ‘mudded’ 2011 Photo David Leece


1 March14 April 2013
Araluen Arts Centre