Didjeridoo Healing Workshops

Chakra Toning & Sound Healing
A fun, creative and interactive workshop, playing with and exploring sound. The human voice is one of the most powerful tools we were given for healing and transformation. In this workshop we will explore toning and healing through sound, and how you can use your own voice for healing, clearing, personal growth, and to create balance and harmony in your life. You will get an introduction to energy and sound healing, and experience a powerful exercise of toning through the chakras.  No previous experience needed.
Thursday, 27 of June 2013  7.00-9.00 pm $30 pp  

Didjeridoo Healing & Meditation
Join us in a special Sound Healing workshop, introducing and exploring the energetic and healing aspects of the Didjeridoo.
Experience the sound, vibration, relaxation, clearing and healing of this unique sacred Australian instrument.  
Contact Your Inner Child
Your inner Child is the child within you that never dies and never grows up. It is your connection to your Emotions, Creativity and Healing. It’s your key to Intimacy in Relationships, trust, Joy and Abundance. It is the part of you that can open up and experience True Love, and it’s also the part of you that’s hurt and needs the most Healing. It’s the Part of you that still knows how to simply BE.

Wednesday, 3 of July 2013  7.00-9.00 pm $30 pp
Moriya and Amitabhaya are Reiki Masters and Meditation Teachers, Didjeridoo Player and musician (Moriya), with many years of experience in healing and sound healing.
No previous meditation experience required.

Bring water, a pillow/mat and blanket/shawl to sit/lye on, and be cosy.
For reservations and further inquiries call Moriya 0437 866011

27 June3 July 2013
Address upon booking (Alice Springs)