Drawing from the Mind’s Eye

In a quiet comfortable space with eyes shut or blindfold, pen on paper, the drawer follows and describes imagery as it comes into the mind. The drawer may work with a particular thought or memory, or let thoughts arise.

The hand does not need to leave the paper, the following of pen on paper can be as slow and considered as wished. Rather than doing a recognisable drawing, this is a way of physically connecting with memory and imagination through the action of the pen, following the shape and feelings of the internal, reaching into them, for as long as is wished.

The drawer chooses when to stop.

This event is facilitated by Suzi Lyon for the ‘Dying Matters’ art and discussion pop-up space sponsored and presented by the Central Australian Branch of Palliative Care NT for World Hospice & Palliative Care Day.

Saturday 10 October 2015
11am – 1pm
63 Todd Mall (former Don Thomas shop and Full Stop pop-up)