Dust of Uruzgan – Fred Smith

Over the last 15 years Fred Smith has emerged as one of Australia’s most interesting songwriters. He has spent the last 15 years all over the joint: working on peace keeping missions in Afghanistan and the South Pacific, touring in America and travelling the Australian festival circuit.

Fred was the first Australian diplomat to be posted to Uruzgan in July of 2009. He wrote a powerful collection of songs about the realities of life for soldiers and civilians in this difficult war, recently released on a high acclaimed album called Dust of Uruzgan.

Fred Smith’s Dust of Uruzgan harnesses the unique ability of song to convey what words alone cannot – an emotional sense of life for soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan. The show uses a powerful combination of great song-writing, an extraordinary collection of photographs and first-hand accounts of life on the front line to offer audiences a three dimensional sensory experience of what it has been like for our people in Afghanistan: the dust, the heat, the frustration, the camaraderie, the fighting and the mundane day-to-day.
Audience members have said they learned more about Afghanistan in this two-hour show than they have from twelve years of media coverage.

Dust of Uruzgan is a rare opportunity for Australians to get an insight from someone who was there. It succeeds in providing this insight, not through lectures and headlines, but through witty storytelling, clever song writing and a touching array of images. ArtbackNT are very proud to be presenting this unique and important work in the NT.

7:30pm 15/05/2014
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Cost: $20.00 concession; $25.00 adult

Proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government and Tim Fairfax Family Banksia Foundation

Photographer: Geoffrey Dunn. Image courtesy of the artist.
Thursday 15 May 2014
7:30pm – 10pm
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
$25 Adult $20 concession