Edi Donald and the Transients Show

After a three week rehearsal and artistic development intensive, Edi and the Transients are performing their exciting new work for the first time here in Alice Springs prior to touring the east coast.
Edi and the Transients have a sound like no other with a line up of Alice Springs best musicianship, Rebecca Matthews, Issabelle Kirkbride, Shon, Svetlana Bunic and Edi. True to their style the music is an electro-acoustic semeltering pot, a layered and visceral sound that demands the emersion of the audience. Vocals, cello, kora, bass,ukulele, percussion, produced beats and words come together in a larger than life experience.
It will be a gripping, detailed and beautiful audio visual performance which is not to be missed!

Kim Hopper
Friday 31 October 2014
8pm – 10am
Alice springs Cinema