Elements: The Alice Craft Acquisition Collection

Presented in partnership with Central Craft
From its humble beginnings in 1975 as a craft category of the Alice Prize held in the CWA Hall, the Alice Craft Acquisition, presented and managed by Central Craft, grew into an exhibition and collection of national standing. Moving to the Araluen Arts Centre in 1984 and last held in 2007, the Alice Craft Acquisition attracted entries by the finest and most recognized Australian artists and craftspeople, working across mediums and disciplines.
On what would be the 40th Anniversary of the Alice Craft Acquisition, Elements presents a significant portion of the collection together for the first time. Reintroducing audiences to a series of beautiful, precious and revered works, Elements reaffirms the collection’s ongoing national significance, charting as it does the history and development of the art and craft movement in Australia.

24 April8 June 2015
6pm – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs