Faye Alexander: Aftermath

Aftermath, a series of sculptural works, is the first solo exhibition at the Araluen Arts Centre by Alice Springs artist Faye Alexander. Alexander fossicks for and stockpiles the discarded objects and materials of our desert lives and industries; rusting wire, keys, toys, bottles, metal fragments, pipe, jewellery, boxes and various other detritus, re-purposing them into delicate and elegant three-dimensional forms.

Waste and energy use are the undercurrents of Aftermath. Alexander was a practicing ceramicist for 30 years, holding a Diploma of Ceramics from the Australian National University, teaching the art form and exhibiting extensively. Aware of the cumulative energy that had been consumed in this process she turned to a form of making that involves none, other than that of her body. Important to Alexander are the inherent qualities of the found materials themselves, used to both construct and maintain the form, without recourse to adhesive or welding.
These sculptures are palimpsests: the material’s original purpose or function often still identifiable but now reconfigured. Poised, ceramic-type forms and compositions remain but are now assembled from the chaos and slow decay of rusting and perishing things, and are informed by Alexander’s other lives as a weaver, dressmaker and mother.

Faye Alexander, Spinifex for Libby, 2009, wire and found object
10 July16 August 2015
6pm – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre
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