The Friends of Araluen aim to foster the practice, study, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts in the community

The Friends of Araluen also aim to stimulate and sustain public interest in the Araluen Arts Centre and extend its influence in the community.

In partnership with Araluen Arts Centre management, the Friends of Araluen also operate the Friends of the Araluen Arts Centre membership program, which offers benefits to members, such as exclusive events and functions.

As well as the normal committee functions, the Friends of Araluen are hoping to find some new, committed community members to take an active role on the Committee to focus on promoting member events, and by assisting staff at the Araluen Arts Centre to develop and manage more member events.

Friends of Araluen Committee members promote the value of the Araluen Arts Centre within the Alice Springs community in Central Australia, and provide advice on the programming of activities and events that happen at the Araluen Arts Centre.

The Friends of Araluen provide grants to local artists toi undertake arts related projects, and purchase work for the Araluen Art Collection.

Recent grants have been provided to Wes Maselli, for costs associated with his forthcoming exhibition at the Araluen Arts Centre, “This Man Can Predict the Price of Petrol”, and to Shaun Leyland to undertake study associated with developing a casting facility for sculpture in Alice Springs.

For further details or to receive nomination forms email the Secretary, Friends of Araluen at: [email protected],

Sunday 28 April 2013
Witchetty’s at the Araluen Arts Centre.