Got a curly question? Ask a music lawyer!

Music NT and Media Arts Lawyers are running music law consultations in Alice Springs on June 25 & 26. The sessions are free for Music NT members and are being run by Stephen King, a Media Arts Lawyer Principal with many years of experience in both commercial and entertainment law.

Getting your head around the legalities of music is tricky, but a must for all artists in the music industry. Stephen can offer advice on all sort of topics including recording, publishing, licensing and distribution contracts; copyright;  band and composition agreements; management and agency contracts; sponsorship and merchandising; live performances, touring and trade marks.

To book a session contact Milyika on 89520322 or [email protected]. Skype or telephone consults are available for remote members.

For more information on Media Arts Laywers or Stephen King go to their website.

2526 June 2012