Grass is Always Greener

Works from the M.O.C.P – Museum of Common Problems
By Jade Walsh

A collection of fabric remnants, mis-prints and other media works exploring and exposing the vulnerabilityand humour in commonality, adversity and human problems such as; singledom, soclal awkwardness, money, mistakes, work, success, longing etc.

Two exhibitions are running concurrently at Watch This SPACE: Grass is Greener by Jade Walsh, and Post, Darling curated by Sophia Moseley. Both exhibitions open on the same night.

Exhibition Opening: Friday 20th of July, from 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 21st July to Friday 17th August

Wed-Fri 12-5pm, Saturdays 10-2pm
21 July17 August 2012
12pm – 5pm
Watch This Space, 4/9 George Cres.