Henry V

Amid a bombing raid in a war torn city, somewhere in the world right now, a group of children are sheltering underground. To get through the night the terrified kids put on an act of bravado – literally – and conjure up the heroics of King Henry V. This is his story…

When Henry V is manipulated by church advisors, taunted by French royalty and betrayed by English nobles, he has all the ammunition he needs to lash out and invade France. Or does he? Having executed conspirators, and vanquished enemy forces in Harfleur, Henry’s army is ‘weak and sickly’ as it staggers towards a showdown at Agincourt. The night before battle, the king endures a long dark night of the soul, where he hears first-hand about the fears and frailties of his outnumbered soldiers. But Henry has one last weapon up his sleeve: the power of words. And it may just be enough to save his men, his country and himself.

In an incredibly exciting new production of Henry V, Damien Ryan directs a contemporary version of this play inspired by a true story – for 71 consecutive nights during the Blitz in 1941, a group of boys trapped in a bunker rehearsed plays including the works of Shakespeare and would perform them for others in the shelter. Told through the prism of boys caught in a modern conflict our production will expose, in equal measure, the stirring heights and troubling depths of Henry V. On a broader level, it will be an unflinching examination of political spin, patriotism, religion, class, brotherhood and leaders of men.

Pierre Toussaint
Tuesday 5 August 2014
Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs
Adult $49.00; Concession $45.00; Friends of the Araluen Arts Centre $42.00