I am wildlife – William Ricketts’ sculptures at the Pitchi Richi Sanctuary

The Residency Arts Program is proud to present ‘I am wildlife’, a unique photographic exhibition that celebrates the work and philosophy of renowned Australian sculptor, William Ricketts and the pieces he created for the Pitchi Richi Sanctuary in the 1950’s.

‘I am wildlife’ is how William Ricketts describes himself in a short video that accompanies the exhibition. A lyrical and deeply spiritual man, Ricketts travelled from his home in Victoria to Central Australia on multiple visits between 1949 and 1960 to spend time with Pitjantjatjara, Arrernte, Pintubi, Luritja, Alyawarra and Anmatjirra people, whose traditional culture inspired his work and philosophy. Ricketts considered his sculptures integral to the landscape and so left many of his Central Australian works at Pitchi Richi, a bird sanctuary and open-air pioneer history museum established by his friend Leo Corbet in 1955.

This exhibition presents the sculptures at the Pitchi Richi Sanctuary through the lens of Stefan Fernandez Guerra Carrillo, a local photographer who uses late afternoon light to capture the fluid lines and fine details of Ricketts work and reflect their place in the natural landscape.

Carrillo’s photographs are accompanied by text and video footage sourced by co-curator Chris Warren, a volunteer caretaker at the Pitchi Ritchi Sanctuary who has been researching William Ricketts and his involvement in the property. Both Carrillo and Warren are passionate advocates for the preservation of the sanctuary and hope that this exhibition will draw attention to the restoration work currently being undertaken by Heritage Alice Springs.

EVENT: Exhibition opening
DATE: Thursday 2nd April 2015
TIME: 6pm
VENUE: The Residency*
corner Parsons and Hartley Streets
EXHIBITION: Thursday 2nd April – Tuesday 5th May
CONTACT: [email protected] / 8953 6073

*Opening Hours: Week days (10am – 3pm) and Todd Mall Market Sundays (10am – 2pm)

Stefan Fernandez Guerra Carrillo
2 April5 May 2015
6pm – 3pm
The Residency, corner Parsons and Hartley Streets (next to the post office)