Iain Campbell – Reflections

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Iain Campbell arrived in Alice Springs in 1975 after stints in Cypress and New South Wales. Over the ensuing four decades, Campbell’s irrepressible need to paint resulted in a prolific output of boldly composed, mostly figurative artworks “that offer a personal and thought provoking view of the connections and disconnections between people and their social, physical and psychological environment.”

Reflections is an exhibition that presents a rare opportunity for the general public to view a retrospective body of work which at once captures elements of social commentary, historical record and symbolic reference that spans nearly forty years of painting practice in Central Australia. Campbell has held three solo exhibitions since 1990 including Looking Forward in Retrospect at the Araluen Arts Centre in 1999 which was extremely well received.

Campbell has witnessed enormous change in the town of Alice Springs since his arrival and much of his previous subject matter has changed dramatically or now completely disappeared. Those familiar with the changing face of Alice Springs and the people who call it home will find Reflections a rewarding stroll down memory lane in many respects. However, Campbell’s paintings are invariably imbued with such potent allegory and constant subtle directives that no experience of living in ‘Alice’ is required to appreciate the depth of his lengthy artistic journey.

image: Self portrait with table 2005, oil on board, 126 x 98 cm

14 March27 April 2014
Araluen Arts Centre