ICTV presents: Amoonguna On Screen

‘Amoonguna on Screen’ is a special preview screening of recent video productions by ICTV, Indigenous Community Television featuring the Amoonguna community. These short films and television dramas will be screened at Witchetty’s at Araluen on Friday April 22 at 6pm.

The screenings will include a special preview of episode one of the new TV drama series: OUR PLACE, two short films and one episode of the ICTV Fitness Show.

In OUR PLACE, a four-part drama series, Amoonguna becomes the fictional remote community of Alangkwa Valley (Bush Banana Valley). In Gambling Stories, we see and understand the effects of gambling on families and individuals in the community, while the ICTV Fitness Show, presented by Charmaine Patrick (New York Marathon star from Hermannsburg), shows audiences how to keep feet and have fun.

All the films have been written and directed by a number of emerging local Indigenous film-makers including Micha Bartlett, Thomas Big Bear Saylor and local musician Warren H Williams. Warren H Williams describes OUR PLACE as ““about family, culture and the place that we live in. Our Place is about us”.

All the films feature an an Indigenous cast of local actors and music from Central Australia.

The Friday night event will be hosted by Marie and Lynette Ellis from Amoonguna, with a special performance by musician and director: Thomas Big Bear Saylor.

ICTV Manager Rita Cattoni is looking forward to sharing the ICTV productions with the Alice Springs community: “While ICTV is popular in remote communities around Australia as well as Broome and Roebourne, we’re relatively unknown in Alice Springs and in mainstream Australia.” Plans are currently underway to make ICTV available in Alice Springs later this year. In the meantime, Alice Springs residents can get a taste of what ICTV is about by heading to Witchetty’s on Friday night.

For further information please contact Rita Cattoni or Josh Davis at ICTV on 08 08952 3118 or email [email protected]. To view the teaser go to: http://ictv.com.au/video/item/2595

Friday 22 April 2016
6pm – 7:30pm
Araluen Arts Centre
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