‘In Between Two’

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Experience the storytelling, music and performance of Joelistics’ Joel Ma and Sietta’s James Mangohig as they explore the soundtrack of their mixed heritage.

Beautifully enhanced by rare home movie footage, family photographs and original live music performance, ‘In Between Two’ navigates the rich territory between two cultures, two generations and two musicians reaching their peak.

Produced by Contemporary Asian Australian Performance, and brought to the Territory by Artback NT, ‘In Between Two’ is a moving insight into living between two worlds…

“This is a thrilling hour of theatre and the best kind of example why a diverse cultural landscape should not only be encouraged in Australia but is essential” 4.5 Stars – The Music

“…nothing is more satisfying than stories about people who defied cultural and social conventions to follow their hearts.” 4 stars – Time Out

“A large part of the appeal is our fascination with other people’s family histories…” – The Australian

Further details: https://artbacknt.com.au/show/in-between-two/

James Mangohig and Joel Ma, photo by Cesar Rodrigues
1516 September 2017
Totem Theatre
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