Independent Artists – Marketing

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Offered by Business Enterprise Centre and the NT Government

Red Hot Arts recommends this as a capacity building opportunity to all arts workers, producers and crew

Connecting to the people who like your work is critical to building product that you can tour, perform and sell tickets. Getting new clients for your lighting, AV, sound, staging or production skills builds your business and keeps you working in the industry you love.

Critical for those want to build repeat clients, develop patrons and build networks that will make your crowd funding attempts successful into the future.

This module provides an outline of the marketing process, looks at some forms of market research and sources of market information, discusses market strategies and goals and looks into the elements of a marketing mix. Its aim is to give a general overview of the marketing process.

Monday 22 May 2017
1pm – 4pm
Central Australia Development Office (CADO), 55 Todd Mall