Introduction to Soft Sculpture – Modelling and Carving Workshop

Introduction to Soft Sculpture – Modelling and Carving
with Sia Cox

“From Surrealist experiments with felt and fur, to contemporary artists using foam-stuffed fabrics and plastic shopping bags, soft sculpture is an intriguing development in modern art. Artists replaced traditional techniques—expensive cast bronze and carved stone and wood—instead employing cheap domestic and industrial materials. The ambiguities of ‘softness’ can be seen in many guises.”

Ron Radford AM, Director, National Gallery of Australia

Workshop overview:
This workshop includes an introduction to international contemporary soft-sculpture practice, followed by techniques for carving and modelling with foam and fabric. With a focus on waste materials all you will need is a few tools and a collection of scrap for re purposing.

Please bring: Hand-sewing kit- needles, pins, threads, scissors, small sharp non-serrated kitchen knife for cutting foam, a knife sharpener if you have one (as the foam can blunt the knife), a stanley knife, non-fabric scissors for cutting foam, Scrap fabric of all kinds

Sia Cox
Saturday 12 September 2015
10am – 4pm
Central Craft, Araluen Cultural Precinct, 61 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs, PO Box 85 Alice Springs NT 0870 Phone: 8952 4417,
$90.00 members, $110.00 non members