Invitation to Exhibit in ‘Homage’ An Expression of Human Diversity

We encourage brand budding, emerging artists and established artists to be part of:

HOMAGE- An Expression of Human Diversity

Let’s honour and pay respect to our heroes, heroines, our leaders, our groundbreakers, and the ones that are still paving the way for the LGBTQI BrotherBoy, SisterGirl community. Let’s pay tribute to the landmarks, the benchmarks, the victories and the moments in history when things changed.
You might choose to celebrate a person, a time, an event or a concept. You might want to make comment on how far society has come, or how far we have yet to go.
Your artwork might be fun, flippant, serious or political.

In keeping with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity your artwork can be any size and made of anything. Installations, film and performance are also welcome but please discuss these or any large scale artworks with us as soon as possible so we can consider technical and logistical details. Performances could be limited to opening night. Any particularly risqué pieces might have their own R18 space. All artworks will be accepted (subject to the approval of the committee).

If you would like to be involved in this exhibition please register your interest by emailing us back as soon as possible to [email protected] and we will send you further details.

Exhibition Opening 6.00pm Thursday July 30th
Exhibition July 30- August 9
Yubu Napa Gallery
Hartley St. Alice Springs


The Exhibition/Opening Event Sub-committee
Pride Carnivale Organising Committee (PCOC)
[email protected]

Courtesy of Pride Carnivale Organising Committee
13 May23 July 2015