Jennifer Taylor – Eye to Eye

Jennifer Taylor’s paintings in Eye to Eye portray the rugged country around Inteye-Arrkwe (Ross River) and develop the connection the artist has with this area. Taylor’s paintings evoke the colonised landscape: the grief and losses associated with social and environmental change in Arrernte country, as well as the enduring beauty and strength of this living place.
Eye to Eye is grounded in Taylor’s plein air painting practice. Embodied encounters with country involve her spending time observing, reflecting and getting to know it by day and night, in all kinds of weather. Paintings made outside, quickly and directly, become raw material for studio work. Images are reworked and reimagined, drawing together present and past, memories and histories, people and places. The works in Eye to Eye convey the vivid and complex sensation of standing in Arrernte country, now.

Image: Jennifer Taylor Inteye-Arrkwe (detail) 2015 oil on board 30 x 40 cm
30 June14 August 2016
Araluen Arts Centre
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