‘Kindling’ – An Exhibition

Kindling is an exhibition by Pasty Morton, Maggie Gleeson & Rhubee Neale

“Although the desert is often depicted as a dry, desolate place, Alice Springs is an oasis, a place where people kindle qualities such as music, art and lifelong friendships. Alice Springs ‘MBANTUA’ is a truly amazing and exceptional place to live”.

Opening night 6 pm on 11 APRIL 2014

Live music by: Kindling Connections

Light supper catered by Bean Tree Cafe

For more info ph: (08) 8952 2154

The Artists:

Anmatyerr Artist
Patsy Morton (Briscoe)
Skin Name: Ampetyene

Websites: http://www.artmajeur.com/patsymorton/ http://www.opbg.com.au/kindling-an-exhibition-by-pasty-morton-maggie-gleeson-and-rhubee-neale/

Throughout the late seventies to this current day Patsy has continued enriching society with her exquisite art forms. She is passionate about family, culture, pottery, painting and people of all walks of life. Patsy endeavors to impart her art forms and cultural knowledge to her children and has walked in and managed to move freely through the two worlds from traditional to the western lifestyle. Within her long life time Patsy has been an advocate and role model for her people and the broader community always inspiring, supporting and encouraging all that walks
beside her throughout life.

Maggie Gleeson (Briscoe)

Painting has been an inspiration to Maggie Gleeson inspiring and enriching her soul. For many years Maggie had the yearning to connect with her family from the desert, this yearning bought her to Alice Springs, the journey was so long and was finally achieved when she met her Central Australian Briscoe Family, that she had tirelessly searched to find. That coming together rekindled family connections here in Alice Springs. Art has connected Maggie with her ancestral family, stories and homeland.
“It is an honour and privilege to be sharing this exhibition with my family Rhubee and Mum Patsy” MGB-2014

Rhubee Neale (Briscoe)
Skin Name: Penangke

Art has been a vehicle for her inner soul, a medium to hit the open highway of life. Art has embraced and protected her through life’s rocky road and heavy storms. She credits her inspiration for painting to her children, her Late Mum Lucy, Aunty Patsy, Aunty Janie and her late sister Letty Scott. Rhubee’s dream is to sing and paint worldwide.
She is very excited about sharing this exhibition with two exceptional and talented family members Mum Patsy and newly found Sister and kindred spirit Maggie.

11 April4 May 2014
6pm – 8pm
Olive Pink Botanic Garden