Let Me See: Arts & Technology

As part of the Arts Incubator Program, ‘Let Me See: Arts & Technology’  is a new event that aims to support local artists in the presentation of a project.

‘Let Me See: Arts & Technology’ is a showcase of locally produced art, including works in an advanced stage of development and new experimental pieces. ‘‘Let Me See: Arts & Technology’ provides a new presentation platform for Artists in Alice Springs.

All artforms will be accepted: spoken word, music, theatre, puppetry, video, experimental art, new media, etc..

‘Let Me See: Arts & Technology’ will include 4 pieces that are related to the theme of Arts & Technology:

  • The total duration of the show will be aprox 1 hour.
  • The duration of each piece will be of aprox 15 min.
  • When one piece finishes then the audience will move to the next room to see the next piece.
  • The show will be presented at The Residency, corner Hartley and Parsons Sts.

EOI due by Friday 14 November.

Please send your EOI to Laura Martinez Oliveras, [email protected]

Date of Presentation: 28 March 2014

For more information and EOI – overview and EOI


14 October14 November 2014
Red Hot Arts Central Australia, 67 Bath Street. Alice Springs