‘Light Up Alice’

Kim Donald is a passionate Artist living here in Alice Springs.

She recently entered a competition called ‘This Is Your Life Change’ which will transform 6 individuals’ life forever by bringing their dream alive! The competition attracted over 3’500 entries from 60 different countries and she recently received notification that she is amongst the 50 SEMI-Finalists!!!

Kim loves to be creative and has a novel idea that she believes can make a difference, she feels she has more to offer than just painting canvases.

Having moved to Alice, just over a year ago, Kim has watched with other locals as shops close down and people move away. ‘For Sale’ signs becoming more abundant and overall a town seemingly dying before her eyes. She is saddened by this and wants to do something to make a difference.

Kim says, ‘There are in my eyes, blank canvases everywhere, just waiting to be bought alive with colour; walls, poles, fences, pavements and even round ‘a’ bouts. This is where my idea, ‘Light up Alice’ comes into it! There are already murals on some walls, but my ‘Light up Alice’ plan is different than just a town of murals. I have recently been working with UV glow paints that are illuminating under black light and can seriously visualise the town coming alive, not only during the day, but night also! I would love to work alongside different community groups; schools, indigenous, art groups etc. to ‘Light up Alice’ in a unique way.’

However, to make this happen she needs the public support.


Your ONE click & 2 Minutes COULD change Kim’s life and really make a difference to the Alice Springs Community.

Go to— http://www.thisisyourlifechange.com/vote-for-kim-donald

You may also wish to follow this venture by liking Kim’s ‘Light Up Alice’ page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lightupalice

Thank you for your VOTE and your SUPPORT.

20 April31 May 2015