Like a bat out of hell – Introduction to Bookkeeping

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Offered by Business Enterprise Centre and the NT Government

Red Hot Arts recommends this as a capacity building opportunity to all arts workers, producers and crew

The show’s over and the celebratory beers finished. All you want to do is sleep but in the back of your head a voice teases you, it is not over yet, it is never over and the piles that hide the desk from view make strange shadows in the corner.

I remember a time I did not even bother to put in the invoice for the job because the receipts and everything seemed just too much to bear. There is a way out of this pen pushing hell meant for those without creative hearts.

Days will become minutes with good systems, and receipt hell just a footnote to bank balance heaven

This module is aimed at introducing participants to the reasons for keeping good financial records by taking them through the essential source documents, developing the outline for appropriate written records and looking at how these can be used as a management tool for business purposes.

Tuesday 23 May 2017
1pm – 4pm
Central Australia Development Office (CADO), 55 Todd Mall