Movie: Crazy Days at the Old Brumby Moon

He was just taking life one beer at a time …
An outback drifter who has been playing it hard for way too long tries to finally pick up the pieces of his life.
After trying to drink Darwin dry, and a conflict at a local Pub, he decides to head back out bush to start life again, back to his old one horse home town Corrella Springs.
There’s not much at Corrella Springs, a few houses, some crazy characters and a well frequented pub , the ‘Brumby Moon’.
As he hitches out of town he discovers someone has had more bad luck than him…his old mate Ben the Cattleman has been killed in an accident.
Ben’s daughters are now left to carry on somehow on the drought stricken property, with the bank breathing down there neck.
Here is a time he can finally help someone amidst a misguided life , time to right the wrongs …
but it was never going to be easy !
More twists and turns than two snakes having sex on a rocky ridge….and drier than a Wazubi Tribesman’s Jockstrap.
Filmed on location at spectacular Mount Bundy Station Northern Territory
Phil O’Brien Al Zimdahl David Gulpilil Elisa Guittet Alizee Sery Daniel Tapp See

One Screening Only
Thursday 3 November 2016
6:30pm – 9pm
Alice Springs Cinema
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