Musical journeys between Pin Rada, Be Ward and Markus Kuchenbuch

We are delighted to be imbedded in this joyous Alice Springs Festival Month with our contribution of musical journeys based on loose structures and improvisation with exotic instruments such as multi string Lute Harp, Duduk, Berimbau, Bata, Yidaki, Vietnamese & Argentinian percussion, Contrabass and other flutes.
Come and contemplate in the beautiful reverberating accoustics of the Anglican Church of the Ascention in Bath Street in Alice!
Limited Seating / Tickets at door only $25/15!
Catering at interval with homemade cake, soup, lemonade … .

photograpy: Tamara Burlando
Friday 23 September 2016
7pm – 10pm
The Anglican Church of the Ascention