Oneness Awakening Weekend

The Oneness Awakening Course vitalises your awareness towards a new perception, truly living, reaching your potential, being in your stillness yet in the experience of expansiveness with ‘All that Is’.

In this powerful 2 day process you will:
Release negative patterns and deep seated emotional charges
Instigate deep emotional and physical healing
Learn tools for transformation and healing of your relationships
Practice powerful meditations to activate Kundalini energy
Initiation to become a Blessing Giver
Gain clarity and balance of mind and emotions
Experience absence of suffering through attachment
Experience causeless joy and unconditional love

Investment: $200 (includes $25 non refundable registration fee)

Bring a pen and notebook; a blanket/ yoga mat; wear loose comfortable clothing; bring your own light lunch and water bottle. We suggest eating very lightly. Anyone wishing to stay overnight may bring a swag/tent.
Please join us in this sacred space during this amasing weekend. For more information or to register contact Billie 0431 317 584.

1516 November 2014
10am – 5pm
3497 Greatorex Rd Alice Springs
Investment: $200 (includes $25 non refundable registration fee)