Paintings from the Gibson Desert – Exhibition

Alan Phillips and Oh Yes! Art and Design (dedicated to creative fundraising for Brain Cancer Research) present an exhibition of Alan’s paintings, inspired by a 2016 journey into the Gibson Desert along the Rawlinson Range.

Alan travelled with Dr Ken Johnson AM who was researching the travels of the mammalogist HH Finlayson, and botanist Peter Latz who was collecting specimens of flora specific to the region.

It was an inspiring trip highlighted by the presence of the traditional owners of the land. The exhibition is hosted by Olive Pink Botanic Garden. Open 1 September at 5pm and 2-15 September 2017 10am-4pm.

Lake Christopher ©Alan Phillips 2017
Tuesdays and Thursdays
115 September 2017
5pm – 4pm
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
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