Poetry in Motion – Awakening words to life

Felt with a poetic translation we will bring poetry to life. Allowing our body to cultivate its unique artistry and finding expressions to awaken the words, we will use the Soul Motion ™ movement practice as the foundation for exploration.

How do words evoke your inner artist? What magic do they offer the resting and open heart? With play and curiosity we will explore alone and together how we move and can be moved by poetry.

Please bring your favourite poem. Bring water and wear comfortable clothing

Sunday 4th March
2pm to 4.30pm
Location: OLSH School, Sadadeen Campus
$25 (please register as a min of 8 people is required)
(Please birng some afternoon tea to share)

For information and to register call Kate-Marie 0402 833803 or email [email protected]
Visit http://www.soulmotion.com / http://www.beingdance.com

4 March4 February 2018
2pm – 4:30pm
OLSH School, Sadadeen campus, Sadadeen Rd