Pop Cinema Presents – Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2012

June 8th, 9th  and 10th

Art is indeed a luminous language. It is a powerful means of communication, transcending cultural, ethnic and linguistic differences. It is this power that HRAFF 2012 seeks to harness.

In its fifth year, HRAFF continues to provide a shared site whereby artists, human rights organisations and the Australian public are united in their desire to contribute to social change. For eleven days in Melbourne, and then three weeks across the country, HRAFF will exhibit a selection of contemporary cinema, fine art, discussion panels and music, seeking to engage, inspire and entertain.

The Festival aims to advance and encourage education and debate among the broader community, to showcase and support Australian and international artists and to promote works about Australians. The Festival is committed to encouraging and facilitating the participation of new audiences: our community outreach program targets marginalised communities; screenings in workplaces showcase the benefits of developing a human rights culture; and our education program travels Victoria engaging the next generation in the pertinent issues of human rights and global awareness through the very powerful medium of film. Recognising that human rights issues can be overwhelming, HRAFF aims not only to raise awareness, but also to redirect the debate towards a more positive and productive outcome. The message we hope to transmit is one focused on change, inspiration, passion, creativity, inclusion, and most of all, possibility.

June 8th, 9th and 10th
810 June 2012
Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Tuncks Road, Alice Springs