We are pleased to announce that the Old Alice Springs Gaol Relationships exhibition will open at the Old Alice Springs Gaol, Thursday April 27 from 6-7.30pm.

This will be the launch of a new audio-visual exhibition that explores the diverse relationships and stories from Her Majesty’s Gaol and Labour Prison Alice Springs or old “Green Bush”. In this exhibition, we explore how the Old Alice Springs Gaol changed people for good and for bad, affecting a lot of people – prisoners, their families, the guards and people living in Alice Springs.

The Relationships exhibition is a creative collaboration between local professionals  Dianna Newham, Elliat Rich, Dave Nixon, Megg Kelham and Sia Cox.

27 April27 May 2017
Launch - Thursday April 27 from 6-7.30pm
6pm – 7:30pm
Old Alice Springs Gaol