Ron Talbot New Views

The ancient terrain around Alice Springs changes very slowly; once an inland sea, it has taken countless millions of years of sedimentary deposit, tectonic upheaval and relentless erosion to form the essence of the landforms we see around us. These constant changes are imperceptible to the human eye because they occur over lifetimes, not years or months. What does change over the course of a lifetime though, is a viewer’s own personal perception based on learning (or unlearning) to comprehend visual stimuli based on a particular point of view.

Ron Talbot’s 2010 solo exhibition East West at Araluen Arts Centre presented his own unique way of seeing key areas of beauty along the MacDonnell Ranges. Four years later, Ron is excited to present an exhibition of paintings that re-visit many of the same scenes. As an emerging artist, Ron delights in the opportunity to experiment, change and grow through the practice of painting. His latest body of work realises an emphasis on intuitive, gestural representation of the landscape and the interplay between the observable outside world and the intangible, interior and emotive aspects of relating to a place. New Views then, will provide a colourful, dynamic, expressive counterpoint to Ron’s previous solo exhibition at Araluen and will stand as testament to the fluid nature of his developing art practice.

The Journey, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 93 x 150 cm
4 April11 May 2014
10am – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre