SELFIES 2: Town Campers

Tangentyere Artists Gallery presents a second instalment of SELFIES by artists from Yarrenyty Arltere, Ewyenper Atwatye, Karnte and Anthepe Town Camps, Tangentyere Council’s 2015 Youth Crew and Tangentyere Artists Studio Group.

SELFIES 2: Town Campers
Opening: 6-8 Friday
4 Sep 2015
16 Fogarty Street Alice Springs

REDUX 11-4pm Sat 5 September
10-4pm Mon-Fri until 30 October
[email protected]
08 8951 4232

Join us as we celebrate the launch of this unique collection of over 40 self-portraits by Alice Springs Town Camp residents.

Artists will be in attendance and Drum Atweme will perform on opening night.

'SELFIE' Louise McMillan, © The Artist courtesy of Tangentyere Artists.
Sat 5 Sep, then Mon-Fri 10-4
4 September30 October 2015
6pm – 8pm
Tangentyere Artists Gallery, 16 Fogarty Street, Alice Springs
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