Silversmithing – Jewellery Workshop with Shaun Leyland

Basic jewellery fabrication
an introductory workshop

This course is designed for people with a desire to create items of jewellery but don’t know how to approach the subject or where to begin. The method that will be used is that of fabrication whereby participants will begin with a lump of metal and be shown how to cut, file, bend, drill, roll, draw, solder and polish to transform it into a wearable item of pleasing beauty. If time permits, participant will also have an opportunity to recycle their scraps and offcuts of metal by doing a simple cuttle-bone casting.

It will be assumed that participants have no previous experience with tools or metal and instructions will be given for all aspects of the work, including elements of design. This workshop will be self-paced and there is plenty of scope for individual variation.

The work will begin with copper, progressing to silver as individuals gain confidence. Packs of silver, sufficient to make at least three items possibly more depending on individual choices, will be available for purchase.
Efforts have been made to keep the material costs for the silver in the order of $60 – $70. Participants are welcome to bring their own materials and tools if they wish.

Eva Straulino
2526 October 2014
9am – 4pm
Central Craft, Araluen Cultural Precinct, 61 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs, PO Box 85 Alice Springs NT 0870
$200 members, 250 non-members